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Snake & Rose

Scull & Dagger

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?

Bullet Over Missouri

The Jugular

Femme Fatale print

Scull & Cobra

Black Hearts tote

Affinity book

Red 16 editorial

Vespa Climate Collective series

Material Shifts 2016/17

Floating Dreams Record Sleeve

Clear Skies Record Sleeve

Melancholy Knife Party Record Sleeve

Dead City Typography

I Hope You Can See This




KFC NRL Viewer Verdict

KFC NRL Viewer Verdict

Core9 Landing Page

KFC Chatbot Landing Page

American Express Velocity A Panel

Wayward Funky Hoppy People Label

Wayward Long Neck Collateral



Communicating ideas and stories in an individual and experimental way is what drives me as a designer. I am passionate about the development of posters, magazines, brochures and book designs, drawing inspiration from urban photography, rock 'n' roll music, and sub-cultural publications. 



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Niklas Gustavsson

Vespa Climate Collective series

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